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Finding the Right Real Estate Agent

The product may be real estate, but an agent's job is customer service. A good agent is in it for the long haul. So how do you, the customer, find the right agent? #RynoMarketing is here to help.


Recommendations from family and friends are a good place to start. Just keep in mind that different personalities suit different people. The agent who works well with your hyper organized co-worker may not fit your more casual style. Good agents work to find a client's comfort zone. Is the agent asking questions and truly listening to your responses? Interview several agents and look for the following:

Do they explain their role and how they support you? Agents can work as sellers' agents, buyers' agents or disclosed dual agents. As a buyer or seller's agent, your agent works for you. A disclosed dual agent may occur when you walk into an open house and want to write an offer. In that case the agent has to take a neutral role because they are representing both you, the buyer, and the seller.

Is the agent organized and do they have a system? If you are buying or renting, your agent will preview and screen properties based on the parameters you provide. But that only gets you partway to your goal. You'll need to meet milestones along the way - lining up financing for a purchase, or putting together a solid reference package with a credit report for renting. Find the right balance - are you sufficiently organized to move through all of the steps yourself, or do you need your agent to prod you along the way? Do they know what you need? Did they ask? How are they communicating that to you? Do you want everything via text, email or the dying art of a phone call?

Are they good at following up? Someone you know will have had an experience with an agent who virtually disappeared once the client signed a contract. The right agent will provide consistent feedback throughout the entire process. That's when you'll know you have found someone hardworking AND dependable. This helps build a relationship based on confidence and trust, and that works both ways. You need to be upfront with your agent regarding a weak credit history or other negatives that may make it harder to close a deal. A good agent knows how to present their client in the best possible light, accentuating the positives and providing context for the negatives in order to keep negotiations moving forward.

Do they know the market and have a solid network? With the prevalence and popularity of home makeover tv shows, selling today can be a challenge. Buyers expect your home to be picture perfect, but very few can pull off a magazine cover existence. Simple things such as emptying out closets and reducing clutter are easy suggestions anyone can offer. A good agent will offer new and innovative ways to showcase your home. They will know the local market, the competition, and how to best position your property.

Will your agent pull you out of your comfort zone? Finding your perfect fit isn't easy and a good agent will challenge you to consider other options. They may also tell you things that you may not want to hear. For many people, selling your home can be emotional, and buyers don't have those same memories you do. Buyers need to see their own future in your home, and their vision won't match yours. A good agent will help you move past the connections that may be limiting your property's appeal, and refocus with a buyer centric view.


Whether buying, selling, renting or becoming a landlord, the right agent will take the stress out of your real estate experience. Take the time to find the right agent, one you can trust to listen to your needs. #RynoMarketing will be with you every step of the way.

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