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After Decluttering - What's Next?

You've decluttered your home. The closets and cabinets are neat, clean and spacious. Now you're ready for the next step: repairs.


Your first thought after decluttering may be "why didn't I do this sooner?" Your second thought may be "I had no idea things were this bad." Decluttering can expose all sorts of issues. We'll start with some of the easier things to address on the interior of your home.

Start at the front door and do a room by room assessment. Document needed repairs in a way that works for you - pen and paper, sticky notes around the room, photos on your phone, etc. Most of us look past the problems in our homes because we live with them every day, so you may need to enlist an assistant for this task. Take note of needed repairs, basic items such as: do the door knobs work? Are there marks on the walls? Is the carpet stained?

Does the bathroom faucet drip? Do the closet doors stick? Then organize the list, sorting the types of repairs in things you can handle yourself, and those that need outside help. You may be an artist with a wrench, but inept with a paintbrush. A poorly executed repair can be worse than no repair. Then take into consideration how and where to spend your resources. For most of us, time and money are both limited. Think about your choices and how to maximize your return on investment.

A rule of thumb for essential repairs - if it's been botherng you, it will bother potential buyers, and turn them away. Start with the essential repairs. This DIY blog covers toilets, grout and doors. Numerous do-it-yourself blogs and videos are available to explain all sorts of basic tasks.

Unfinished projects are another common problem. Did you start setting up a garage storage system and run out of time? Or you may have installed new ceramic tile in the bathroom, but never replaced the base molding. Few buyers want to deal with your old problems. Now is the time to complete those projects.

Dealing with bigger issues. Clearing the clutter out of the basement may have exposed a damp basement wall. A cleaned out a closet may show evidence of water damage from the shower behind it. For these and other large repairs such as drainage issues and wiring, you'll need help.

To find a professional, consult with neighbors and business associates for suggestions on reliable contractors. Of course there are multiple websites that offer contractor reviews. Stick with reliable sources. If a contractor on a self-reporting site has a three star rating, check the actual comments. You may find only one-star and five-star ratings. Does that sound odd? It probably is, so keep looking.


Repairing your home in advance of a sale will improve your chances of selling faster and for a better price. Whether you are thinking about selling, or ready to list your home, #RynoMarketing is here to help.

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