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Major Upgrades

You've spruced up the outside, and the inside of you home is neat, clean and decluttered. Is it time to make major upgrades, and will these pay-off? The calculus here can be a lot trickier.


Everyone who has watched just one home remodeling show knows that updated kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. The question is whether that type of investment makes sense for your home.

First, take stock of your own home. Does everything flow well? Is everything in good condition and appealing as you walk from room to room? Do the fixtures and tile work fit the design of the house? If they look old and outdated, an update may be necessary in order to sell quickly and at the right price.

Second, assess the competition. Take advantage of any open houses in your area. Realtors are happy to have the neighbors come by. You may like the house enough to buy it! Or you may find that the realtor is a good fit when you are ready to sell. If going to an open house is not your style, check out the online listings in your area. and Zillow are just a few of the sites that carry all of the properties in the multiple listing service, complete with all the pictures. Here you can see how your property stacks up. Then decide if you can take this on yourself, or you need outside help.

Will a bathroom remodel just move you in with the pack, or make you stand out from the crowd? If an upgrade is in order, now is not the time to show your creative side. Your making this change to sell, so you need something that will appeal to the widest range of buyers. Save the very personalized color and style for a remodel in your new place where you can enjoy it. Work with a budget friendly design that will maximize your return.

Third, think about the remodel from a buyer's perspective. Is your roof in disrepair? If so, it will show up on the inspection report and will loom large over negotiations. You may not want to deal with a roof replacement, but you may not have a choice. As you shop for a new home, how likely are you to make an offer on a home with obvious roof issues? The buyers looking at your home will feel the same way. There are financial considerations as well. If you replace the roof before putting the house on the market, you have time to interview contractors and get the best price. Once the house is on the market, you may not have the luxury of time.


If all of this seems overwhelming, don't stress. #RynoMarketing is here to help you as you prepare your home for sale.

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